The Bomber can Shapeshift to Suicide Bomb the surrounding area. All player’s will receive a Kill Flash when the Bomber Suicides.

  • Max
    • Set the Maximum amount of Bombers that can be in a match
  • Bomb radius (5x is about half a Cafeteria)
    • Set how big a bomb's blast radius is
  • Can Kill
    • : Bomber can kill normally
      • Kill Cooldown - Set the kill cooldown for the Bomber
    • : Bomber can only kill by bombing
  • Bomb Cooldown
    • Set how long the Bomber needs to wait to bomb
  • survive bombs
    • : survive the bomb
    • : die to the bomb
  • dies in their explosion
    • : survives the bomb
    • : dies to the bomb
    • Nuke Cooldown
      • Set how long the Nuker needs to wait to nuke
    • Nuke radius (12x is very large)
      • Set how big a nuke's radius is

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