When the kill Cooldown is over, the Quick Shooter can reset the Kill Cooldown by Shapeshifting, and will Store a Bullet. (When the storage is successful, a shield-like animation will appear to show that they successfully stored a Bullet.)
After a Quick Shooter completes a kill, he can offset the Kill Cooldown until he runs out of bullets. At the beginning of each meeting, the Quick Shooter can only keep a certain number of bullets (Set by Host).

  • Max
    • Set the Maximum amount of Quick Shooters that can be in a match
  • Kill Cooldown
    • Set the Quick Shooter’s Kill Cooldown
  • Shapeshift cooldown
    • Set the Quick Shooter’s Shapeshift Cooldown
  • Max Bullets reserved for a meeting
    • Set how many Bullets the Quick Shooter can have in a Meeting

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