You can shoot players from far away. You have to shapeshift twice to make a successful snipe. Imagine an Arrow from your Shapeshift location to your Unshift location, that’s the way the bullet will go. The snipe kills the first person in its path. You cannot kill normally until you use up all of your ammo.

  • Max
    • Set the Maximum amount of Snipers that can be in a match
  • Ammo
    • Set how much Ammo the Sniper gets in a match
  • Precise Shooting:
    • : this makes Sniper shooting more precise.
    • : shooting will be less lenient
  • Aim Assist
    • : aiming will be easier
    • : you will receive no help for aiming as Sniper
      • One Shot Assist
        • : your First Shot will always hit the closest player
        • : your first shot will perform as usual
  • Sniper can kill with bullets remaining
    • : the Sniper can kill like default even if they still haven’t used up all of their bullets
    • : the Sniper will work as default

From: TOH