Only the Cultist team and the team are left, and the number of Cult members is greater than the number of members, then the Cultist win. Cultist can charm a non player by hitting the kill button. The charmed player's skills will not change and will be considered as a Cultist team and will no longer have the original victory conditions.

  • Charm Cooldown
    • Set how long a Cultist needs to wait to Charm a player
  • Increases Charm Cooldown For Each Charm
    • Set how much the Cultists Charm Cooldown increases after each Charm
  • Maximum Number Of Charm
    • Set how many times the Cultist can Charm people
  • Know Charmed Player’s Role
    • : the Cultist can see the role of player’s that they’ve Charmed
    • : the Cultist cannot see the Charmed player’s roles
  • Charmed players know each other
    • : Charmed players can see each other.
    • : Charmed players don’t know who else is a Charmed player
  • Charmed players count as
    • Nothing
    • Cultist
    • Original Team
  • Roles can be Charmed
    • : when the Cultist attempts to Charm a Neutral, they will become Charmed
    • : when the Cultist attempts to Charm a Neutral, the Cultist will receive a message saying “This player cannot be Charmed”

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