Workaholics have more tasks and win alone when they complete all quests. (According to the settings of the host, completing the task after the death of the Workaholic may also lead to win)

  • Max
    • Set the Maximum amount of Workaholics that can be in a match
  • Can’t win after they died
    • : the Workaholic cannot win if they have been killed/voted
    • : the Workaholic can win after death if they continue to do their tasks
  • Vent Cooldown
    • Set how long a Workaholic needs to wait to Vent
  • Everyone knows who the Workaholic is
    • : the Workaholic will be revealed to everyone every meeting
    • : the Workaholic will appear as a normal player to everyone, and nobody will know the Workaholic
      • Advice at first meeting if alive, can win after death, ghost tasks are
        • The Workaholic will be informed if they can win after they’ve died, and if ghosts tasks are
        • : The Workaholic will not be given Advice
  • Override Workaholic’s Tasks
    • : you can set a different amount of Tasks that a Workaholic needs to do over the amount a normal has to do
    • : the Workaholic does the same amount of Tasks as anyone else
    • Workaholic has Common Tasks
      • Set if the Workaholic has Common Tasks
    • Amount of Long Tasks for Workaholic
      • Set the amount of Long Tasks the Workaholic will have to do to win
    • Amount of Short Tasks for Workaholic
      • Set the amount of Short Tasks the Workaholic will have to do to win
  • Can Guess in Guesser Mode
    • : the Workaholic can Guess people in Guesser Mode (easy way to suicide to do Tasks quicker too)
    • : the Workaholic cannot Guess, even when Guesser Mode is enabled

From: TOHY