Snatch the Victory by living until the End of the Game. You can Snatch the Souls of players, and they will win with you. They count as dead.

  • Soul Snatch Cooldown
    • Set how long a Cursed Soul needs to wait to use their ability
  • Soul Snatch Cooldown Increase
    • Set how much a Cursed Souls cooldown increases each time they use their ability
  • Maximum Soul Snatches
    • Set the Maximum amount of Ability Uses a Cursed Soul has
  • Know the roles of Soulless players
    • : the Cursed Soul can see the Roles of players they Snatched a Soul from
    • : the Cursed Soul cannot see the Roles of players, even if they are Soulless
  • roles have souls
    • : you can use your ability on Neutrals
    • : you cannot use your ability on Neutrals, and will receive a pop-up saying “No Soul Found”

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