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Project Lead

Moeopen in new window: Project Lead, Website Maintainer/Developer

I'm a young developer who loves coding and gaming. I started coding when I was in High School, and I've been coding for 6 years. I'm currently learning several coding languages, but I speak English, French and Arabic verbally! I started playing Among Us when it released, and I've been playing it ever since. I stopped when the game died down after Airship, but I stumbled upon TOHE and I loved it. I decided to help out with the mod, and somehow I'm currently the Project Lead.

I specialize in HTML, CSS, SQL, and JavaScript, but I'm learning Python and C++. I graduated from College with a degree in Computer Science, and I'm currently working as a freelance web developer. My main goal is to become a full-stack developer, fousing on Cybersecurity. and I'm working towards that goal.

Lead Developers

ryukopen in new window:Role & Feature Coding

I help in role and feature coding, and also help in fixing bugs from time to time. I love listening to music and coding. I usually prefer to code in python whether it may be for competitive coding or a small program. I also love playing action-adventure games with a good story line. I actually coded my first role with 0 knowledge of C# because someone who shall not be named couldn't code Vulture. xV and Solarflare helped me a lot initially in helping me code features and roles.

Tommy-XLopen in new window:Role & Feature Coding, Translator

I love playing games (I mostly play all games on PlayStation). I especially pay attention to the soundtracks in games/anime, for example in the game "Undertale" and in the anime "Death Note", they are very good. I'm interested in programming, but I really started programming after Karped stopped being a TOHE developer.

Website Developer

Pyroopen in new window:Website Developer/Assistant

I am a Helper in the TOHE Discord server, aswell as a Website Developer for If you want to see some stuff about me, you can check out my Google Site by clicking Hereopen in new window, or clicking my name. Hope we can be good friends!


Gurge44open in new window:Role Coding, Translator (TOHE+ Dev)

I help with performance improvements & bug fixes, sometimes I add new roles. I also coded a customized wordle game and my own Among Us mod which are both available on my githubopen in new window. I really like Among Us mods and I have a lot of motivation to keep coding and playing. I enjoy coding challenges, like roles that are very complex and/or take a while to make. I like traffic lights more than anything else, especially those in the city I live in, since they also speak and have counters. I like everything timer related.

NikoCat233open in new window: Feature & Role Coding


Papercutopen in new window:Role Coding


xV & MCPopen in new window:Feature Coding


FuroYTopen in new window: Feature Coding, Translator

I am a part of the TOHE French Translation team. I enjoy programming and gaming. I suck at drawing. I'm learning music creation.

天寸梦初open in new window:Role Coding


NCSIMONopen in new window:Role Coding

Helped code Many Roles for TOH: Edited.

Commandf1open in new window:Role & Feature Coding


乐崽吖open in new window:Role Coding, Translator


阿龍open in new window:Feature Coding & Translator

TChinese Translator for in TOHE since April 2023. I'm a casual gamer, playing games such as Minecraft, Among Us, Project Sekai. Nice to meet you! (Also known as NetherDragon_Tw & 地獄龍)


MogekoNikopen in new window Translator

A Veteran in TOHE, pretty good at photoshop, sadly still searching for work

Toxaopen in new window Translator

I'm a TOHE Translator. I like funny stuff that doesn't make any sense for anyone but me. I love drawing and sometimes making music. I'm also known as "Тøха" for some people.

FlyFlyTurtleopen in new window Translator

I am a Translator of TOHE.I enjoy playing games like Minecraft (doing redstone/Hypixel Skyblock/ManaMetal) & modded Among Us(TOHE/TONX) Quite good at different subjects in school. Played TOHE since 2.5.0. I like to find bugs/glitches.

Pomelo Translator

I enjoy playing games, I have played Project Sekai, Among Us, & Mahjong Soul. (Also known as 柚子)

船员小青open in new window Translator

Hello everyone, I am from mainland China. I am one of the Simplified Chinese Translators of this mod. I am a middle school student. I usually like to sleep in, listen to music, or play video games. Nice to meet you. (Also known as CrewCyan)

thewhiskas27open in new window Translator

I am a Translator in the TOHE Discord server, I enjoy gaming, drawing and going on walks. Also school competitivity is what drives me insane.

Dx_ Translator


KevOut Translator


Sansationnelleopen in new window Translator

Well I'm having a bad time at school. I like gaming as Undertale and being lazy as a certain skeleton. (Also known as Shapmaster)

SpaceMonkey Translator


Sox Translator


Sunnyboi & Translator

I helped with Japanese and Spanish translations for TOHE. I played Ultimate Frisbee and Soccer at University, and I love traveling, coding, gaming, art and music!

xxSShadowopen in new window Translator, Translator

I am a college student majoring in computer science. Some hobbies I have are programming, gaming, playing/learning guitar, playing/learning drums, and swimming. I enjoy listening to any type of music, and plan on trying to start making youtube videos alongside streaming on both twitch and youtube. (Also known as Shadow)

Mattix606: Translator


otherb.x: Translator


Eispfote: Translator


.BerTram: Translator


remisk Translator


SolarFlare Translator & Document



IRIDESCENTopen in new window:Art

Created most of the Images that TOHE uses (Such as Tab Images)

Original Creator

KARPED1EMopen in new window:Original TOHE Creator (TONX Dev)

The original creator of TOH: Edited, now being worked on again as TONX/Town of Next.

Credited Mods

Town Of Host Edited: Restoredopen in new window (By: TheSkullCreeper)

TOH: Enhanced is a continuation of TOHE: Restored. (Later renamed to TOH: Re-Edited)

Town Of Nextopen in new window (By: KARPED1EM)

Previously known as Town of Host Edited, now being maintained again under the name Town of Next! (TONX) This was the Original Base for TOHE: Restored & TOH: Enhanced.

Town Of Hostopen in new window (By: tukasa0001)

The Original Town of Host Mod. This is the Original Base for Most/All Town of Host Mods.

Town Of Host Yopen in new window (By: Yumenopai)

Mutliple Ideas such as: AntiAdminer, CursedWolf, Workaholic, Greedy (Greedier), Stalker (DarkHide).

Town Of Host: The Other Rolesopen in new window (By: Discussions)

MANY Role Ideas, also Exile Confirm, & Split RPC Pack.

Town Of Plusopen in new window (By: tugaru1975)

Reference: Zoom.

Town Of Host +open in new window (By: TheSkullCreeper)

Multiple Ideas such as: Marshall, Poisoner, Necroview, & Sidekick.

Town Of Host Edited +open in new window (By: Gurge44)

Multiple Ideas such as: Pyromaniac, Necromancer, Huntsman (Head Hunter), & Alchemist.

Town Of Host Edited Xiopen in new window (By: TOHEX-Official(Xieiawa & Slok7565))

Some Ideas such as: Swapper.

Project Lotusopen in new window (By: ImaMapleTree)

Multiple Ideas such as: Crusader.

Stellar Rolesopen in new window (By: Mr-Fluuff)

Multiple Ideas such as: Inspector (ParityCop).

Super New Rolesopen in new window (By: SuperNewRoles (ykundesu))

Reference: Credentials menu, Switch Horse Mode, Search Mod Game, & Custom Button.

Revolutionary Host Rolesopen in new window (By: sansaaaaai)

Reference: Modify settings menu.

Town of Us Reactivatedopen in new window (By: eDonnes124)

Multiple Ideas such as: Witness (Detective), Medic, & Tracker.

The Other Rolesopen in new window (By: TheOtherRolesAU)

Multiple Ideas such as: Evil Guesser, Nice Guesser, and more included in TOH: TOR.

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