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= : Hide & Seek is temporarily not supported
= : Changing the game mode in the settings sometimes does not remove some settings that are not used in the mode
= : When changing presets, the settings are not updated instantly, you MUST close and reopen the settings
= : Servers may be unstable as the protocol requires fixing on Innersloth's side
= : When dlekS ehT is selected, the game lags in the lobby for vanilla players (during the game everything works fine)
= : EAC may not work in some places

  • By TommyXLopen in new window
    = : Fixed Phantom For Desync Roles (Note: To fix the Phantom, the Phantom is entered to the vent for desync roles, so it may not work stably)
    = Improved load lobby decorations (Decorations are now loaded during lobby creation rather than when joining a lobby)
    = : Fixed bug when add-ons not assigned randomly
    = : Maybe fixed Agitator color
    = : Fixed lobby timer for modded clients
    = : Fixed fatal error when game loading
    = : Fixed names during mushroom mixup
    = : Some fixes for Arsonist, Seeker, Lovers, Amnesiac
    = : Fixed Guardian Angel Shield Animation sometimes didn't work correctly with Vanilla
    = : Some fix in random spawn in Airship for host
    = : Others fixes

  • By NikoCat223open in new window
    = : Some fixes for host disconnect (Removed useless code that deliberately dissconect the host on the AU side)
    = : An attempt was made to fix problems on the server side when there are more than 8 players in the lobby (This may not completely fix the problem, but at least it may happen less often)
    = : Fixed Immediate autostart settings
    = : Fixed Youtuber alive death
    = : Fixed Bait can self report

  • By WaterPanda
    = : Lightning can't get Tricky
    = : Shaman can't get Fragile

  • By Drakosopen in new window
    = : Some changes in command "/me"
    = : Changed Kamikaze symbol

  • By Pyroopen in new window
    = : Updated to v2.0.0 Canary 8
    + Have a good day!
    = : If there are any other issues, open a forum in #website-feedback! Thank you!
    = : Tracker, Noisemaker, and Phantom have been added to the Vanilla Tab of their respective factions.
    = : Tracker (TOHE) has been REMOVED.
    + : Phantom (TOHE) has been renamed to Specter.
    + : Schizophrenic has been renamed to Paranoia.
    + : Masochist has been renamed to Punching Bag.
    + : Bloodlust has been renamed to Bloodthirst.
    + : has been renamed to
    + : has been renamed to
    + : has been renamed to
    = : Redid the layout of (Includes more Resources to look through, such as Commands/HotKeys like before, as well as Death Reasons + why they occur, and more.) = : Redid the layout of (Questions are now sorted in drop-down boxes.) = : Redid the layout of (Now includes both Steam + Epic guides, and has been straightened up.) = : Redid the layout of (Now includes "KNOWN BUGS") + : Added (Instead of cluttering with future Preset Submissions, Presets will be listed here. Added Marg's Preset & removed 2 out of date Presets (WitchCraft & Moe's Presets which used the old system).
    = : More Bios added to (Still not 100% Complete as we are still missing the Bios of mulitple Contributors. You can see which as they'll have (Placeholder Bio) in the place of their Bio.
    = : Many formatting, linking, and spelling fixes/updates.
    = : Role Counts/Amounts are not remotely close to correct, if someone would like to do the math because I am/Pyro is lazy, PLEASE DO! 😄 thanks!
    = : Simplified Chinese & French Translations are still in the works. (Sorry Translators, but at least they have their own folder(s) now!)
    = : zh-CN and fr folders are out of date. (my bad)
    = : You may realize that there are 3 results of roles if you use the built-in search bar. This is because you are getting a copy for every instance (Currently, fr & zh-CN) that is not yet translated. (An example being Reverie, even though most roles will display 3 results.)
    = : You may also find older roles from French/Simplified Chinese results, such as Luckey from the zh-CN instance, as they are not up-to-date, nor translated entirely. (Luckey isn't in the zh-CN instance anymore, but the same issue can occur with other roles.)
    = : Once Translations start being worked on, Translators may use this Site Changelog section to write out changelogs for their Translated parts of the Site. They may want to differenciate it, which they may if they write their own header things.