F6Force skip meeting and count all active votes
Ctrl+Right ClickKill the selected player
Shift + C + EnterShow chat bubble
Shift + L + EnterForce end game
Shift + M + EnterForce start / end meeting
ShiftStart game immediately
CReset start countdown
Shift + Ctrl+ NShow description of current game options
Ctrl+ NShow current game options
Ctrl+ DeleteReset to default TOHE options
Shift + E + Entersuicide
Shift + D + Enteropen all doors (airship)
Shift + K + Enterset your kill cooldown to 0
Shift + T + Entercomplete all your tasks
Ypc sync options for all client
Gshow intros
=switch task show
Iget present coordinate
Alt + F11Change resolution
F5 + TReload custom translation
F5 + XOutput custom translation
Ctrl + F1Output log file to desktop
Alt + CCopy current game options
F10Open root directory of game
Alt + EnterSwitch to full-screen (PC only)

Chat Commands

Below is a list of commands that you can use to make your experience better while playing TOHE. You can use these commands in the chat box to perform certain actions.

Note: Commands in bold are considered "essential" and are recommended for all players.

/mShow your role description
/rShow a list of active roles
/r [role]Show specific role description
/winLast win players
/nShow current game options
/n rShow all enabled roles
/n allShow all settings
/hShow command list
/color [color]Set your color
/qtExit this lobby forever
/xfFix when name cover msg content
/dumpOutput log file to desktop
/vCheck all player's mod version
/lLast game result
/t [temp]Show template text
/s [text]Send host message
/idShow all players' id
/rn [name]Set your name
/hn [text]Hide lobby code
/level [level]Set your game level
/dis [crew/imp]Someone disconncted
/mw [seconds]Set message wait time
/exe [player id]Exile player
/kill [player id]Kill player
/endForce end game
/hyForce start/end meeting
/s [text]Send moderator message (if setting is on)
/midShow all players' id
/warn [player id] [reason]Warn specific player
/kick [player id] [reason]Kick specific player
/ban [player id] [reason]Ban specific player
/modcolor [hexcode] [hexcode]Change the color of the moderator tag


You can save your favorite settings as presets and load them later. You can also share your presets with others. Below is a list of presets that you can use in your lobby. Make sure the file is renamed to Options.json before using if it isn't already. (If you do not have File name extensions marked on the View Tab, you only need to rename it to Options.)

Guesser Mode (No Judge/Sheriff Only) - Drafted by: Moeopen in new window
Chaos Mode (Killing Roles Enabled) - Drafted by: witch_craft_

Note: You have to put the file in the following directory: .\Among Us\TOHE-DATA\SaveData for it to work. (If you cannot locate TOHE-DATA\SaveData, try enabling Hidden items on the View Tab!)

More presets coming soon!

Welcome, onFirstMeeting & onMeeting auto messages

Open the root directory of the mod and find the ..\Among Us\TOHE-DATA\template.txt file.

You can see that there are some words in the file, such as welcome, onMeeting, and other gibberish.

  • welcome:exampleMessage is the message that will be sent when other players enter your lobby.
  • onMeeting:exampleMessage is the message that will be sent when each meeting starts. You can edit these templates, or add your own in new-lines! On a new-line, you want to add your trigger word and your message. Such as: example:this is an example template! (The trigger word being example and the message being this is an example template!. (YOU NEED THE :!)) You can add as many of these as you want. You can then save the file, boot up the mod, and run /t example in your chat box to see if it's set up to your liking!

Valid variables:

  • {{PlayerSpeedMod}} {{CrewLightMod}} {{ImpostorLightMod}} {{KillCooldown}}
  • {{NumCommonTasks}} {{NumLongTasks}} {{NumShortTasks}}
  • {{AmongUsVersion}} {{InternalVersion}}
  • {{NumEmergencyMeetings}} {{EmergencyCooldown}}
  • {{DiscussionTime}} {{VotingTime}}
  • {{Date}} {{Time}}
  • {{RoomCode}}
  • {{PlayerName}} {{HostName}}
  • {{ModVersion}}
  • {{Map}}

Text Formatting:

  • <color=#[hex]>exampleText</color> Changes the of the text/font.
  • <b>exampleText</b> Enables Bold for the text/font.
  • <s>exampleText</s> Enables Strikethrough for the text/font.
  • <u>exampleText</u> Enables Underline for the text/font.
  • <i>exampleText</i> Enables Italics for the text/font.
  • <mark>exampleText</mark> Enables Highlight for the text/font.
  • <sup>exampleText</sup> Enables Superscript for the text/font.
  • <sub>exampleText</sub> Enables Subscript for the text/font.
  • <size=[size][%]>exampleText</size> Sets the of the text/font. (Can type exact text/font sizes or use percentages.)
  • \n Creates a New Line. (Such as <br> (or the [Enter] key) would)


Open the root directory of game: ...\Among Us\TOHE-DATA\

There are a few files:

  • BanList.txt: A list of friendcodes that will be unable to join your lobby.
  • Default_Teamplate.txt: This will pull from template.txt and is used in game. Think of this as the final product used in-game, and template.txt as the rough draft.
  • DenyName.txt: A list of names that will be filtered out in the game.
  • Moderators.txt: A list of friendcodes that will be given more permissions to moderate your lobby (such as /kick). Only grant users you trust these permissions!
  • template.txt: You can modify the welcome and onMeeting messages here. You can also add custom templates here as well following the same format as welcome & onMeeting use.
  • VIP-List.txt: A list of friendcodes that will be given a sweet VIP tag (editable via ...\Among Us\Language\english.dat) as well as permissions to change their name color.
  • WhiteList.txt: A list of friendcodes that will be exempt from blacklisted platforms, along with level requirements.