When the Crewpostor does a Task, they will kill the player closest to them. (Depending on Settings, they can kill other Impostors)

  • Max
    • Set the Maximum amount of Crewpostor that can be in a match
  • Can Kill Impostors
    • : the Crewpostor can kill if they are close enough
    • : the Crewpostor cannot kill even if they are close together
  • Knows Impostors
    • : the Crewpostor knows who the are
    • : the Crewpostor doesn’t know the Impostors
  • Known to Impostors
    • : know who the Crewpostor is
    • : don’t know the Crewpostor
  • Crewpostor lunges on kill
    • : the Crewpostor lunges when they kill
    • : the Crewpostor does not lunge when they kill
  • Number of tasks completed to make 1 kill
    • Set the amount of tasks that the Crewpostor has to do to make a kill
  • Override Crewpostor’s Tasks
    • : you can set a different amount of Tasks that a Crewpostor receives
    • : the Crewpostor receives the same amount of Tasks as anyone else
      • Crewpostor has Common Tasks
        • : the Crewpostor will receive Common Tasks that everyone else has
        • : the Crewpostor doesn’t receive Common Tasks
      • Amount of Long Tasks for Crewpostor
        • Set how many Long Tasks the Crewpostor will receive
      • Amount of Short Tasks for Crewpostor
        • Set how many Short Tasks the Crewpostor will receive