As the Addict, you have a suicide timer. When it expires you kill yourself.
The timer is indicated by the vent cooldown. When the vent cooldown is at 0 seconds, you still have a short time to vent.
If you don't make it you die, if you make it the suicide timer is reset.
Also, after you are ventilated, no one can interact with you for a defined period of time.
After this period is over, you are immobilized for another defined period of time and cannot report any bodies.

  • Max
    • Set the Maximum amount of Addicts that can be in a match
  • Vent Cooldown
    • Set how long an Addict has to wait to Vent
  • Time Until Suicide
    • Set how long an Addict has until they Suicide
  • Invulnerability Time
    • Set the time the Addict is invulnerable for after venting
  • Time the Addict gets frozen in place after Invulnerability
    • Set the time the Addict is stuck in place for after invulnerability

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