The Nice Guesser can guess the role of a certain player during the meeting.

If it is correct, the target dies, and if it is wrong, the Nice Guesser dies.

The guessing command is /bt [player ID] [Role]

You can see the ID of player’s next to their name, or by typing /id

(PS: You don’t need to worry about this if you have a TOHE Modded Client, as it includes a built-in Guesser GUI on Player Nameplates)

  • Max
    • Set the Maximum amount of Nice Guessers that can be in a match
  • Maximum number of guesses
    • Set how many times Nice Guessers can guess
  • Can Guess Roles
    • : the Nice Guesser can guess Crewmates
    • : the Nice Guesser cannot guess Crewmates
  • Can Guess Add-Ons
    • : the Nice Guesser can guess players Add-Ons
    • : Nice Guesser cannot guess based off of Add-Ons
  • Try to hide guesser's command
    • : the mod will attempt to hide the Nice Guesser’s commands
    • : the mod will not care to hide the Nice Guesser’s commands

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