As the Retributionist, you can kill a limited amount of players after your death.

Depending on the settings you may only do so while x amount players are alive and/or a set amount meetings have passed without a killer ejected.

  • Kill Cooldown
    • Set how long the retributionist has to wait to kill
  • Max retributions
    • Set the Maximum amount of retributions (kills) a Retributionist can make
  • Maximum players needed to block retributions
    • Set the minimum amount of players that have to be alive to prevent the Retributionist from killing
  • Can only retribute on task completion
    • : Retributionist can only use their ability once they've finished tasks
    • : Retributionist can use their ability even if they've not finished tasks
  • Override Retributionist’s Tasks
    • : you can set a different amount of Tasks that a Retributionist needs to do
    • : the Retributionist does the same amount of Tasks as anyone else
      • Retributionist has Common Tasks
        • Set if the Retributionist has Common Tasks
      • Amount of Long Tasks for Retributionist
        • Set the amount of Long Tasks the Retributionist will receive
      • Amount of Short Tasks for Retributionist
        • Set the amount of Short Tasks the Retributionist will receive

From: Idea & Coding: [Drakos]