Stable Changelogs

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【Addons】(1 Addons)

+ : Statue (Harmful Addon - By: Drakos, Idea: spong)

【Collaborative Changes】(Worked on by 2+ people!)

+ : New function for Shapeshift roles: Reject-ShapeShift (By: NikoCat223 - Created the base code, and TommyXL - Helped) (All roles that can use shapeshift will no longer play the shapeshift animation) (This function can be adjusted using the setting «Disable Shapeshift Animations» (The Sniper has a separate setting)) (Note: In the next version it may be changed, for example: some roles will have Shapeshift disabled by default and some roles will add a setting with «Disable Shapeshift Animation»)
= : Improved code base for all add-ons (By: Drakos - Created the base code, and TommyXL - Partially helped)

【New Settings】

+ : Disable VoteKick System (By: Pietro)
+ : Impostors can see each other's Add-ons (By: TommyXL)
+ : Players can use «/tpin» and «/tpout» commands (By: ryuk)
+ : Players can play mini-games (By: ryuk)
+ : Client setting: «Dark Theme» (By: TommyXL - Ported From EHR - Works only for modded players)

【New Features】

= : Improved announcement patch (By: ryuk - Ported from TOH-Y)
= : Added «dlekS ehT» in Map Picker Menu (By: TommyXL - Thanks Submerged source code)
= : Improved role spawns (By: TommyXL - Ported from EHR) (Now for each role, you can set the chance of appearance from 0% to 100%)
= : Improved Role Summary (By: TommyXL - Ported From EHR)
= : Revert to old Kill logs (By: ryuk) (The kill log and end summary will also automatically remove HTML tags if the length is too long (even with setting off). This is done because if the message is too big, it will not be sent to some players)

【Some Changes】

= : We will now use «Mini.RegionInstall» to add modded servers
= : Now backgrounds are set in randomly (By: ryuk - from art competitions)
= : If a user fails dbconnect on first login, it will be turned to offline mode and forced to re-login (By: NikoCat223)
- : Client Setting «Old Role Summary» removed (By: TommyXL)
= : Modded players now will show the player role in the Haunt Menu instead of the base role (By: TommyXL)
- : Unused strings were removed (By: ryuk - Thanks to kevoutings for providing all the unused strings)
= : Now vanilla roles and Amnesiac always will be shown in Guesser UI (By: TommyXL)

【Bug Fixes】

= : Fixed Mod Updater (By: Pietro and NikoCat223)
= : Fixed Progress text and target mark for Pirate (By: ryuk)
= : Removed Overtired from enabled addons list (By: ryuk)
= : Shapeshifted Hangman ignores the alerted veteran (By: ryuk)
= : Fixed bug when «FixedUpdate» for roles working in the lobby (By: TommyXL)
= : Possibly fixed bug when settings sometimes are not loading (By: TommyXL)
= : Fixes for Copycat turning into Retributionist and reverting into Copycat (By: Moe)
= : Fixed bug when Susceptible making role visible to others (By: Drakos)
= : Fixed some visual bugs with Modded clients (By: NikoCat223)
= : Fixed bug when Bomber and Nuker were banned by EAC after shapeshifting (By: NikoCat223)
= : Solsticer is no longer a member of any team (By: NikoCat223)
= : Penguin victim cannot kill (By: NikoCat223)
= : Pelican cannot eat grabbing penguin (By: NikoCat223)
= : Fixed bug when the GM gets stuck outside the map on the Airship (By: TommyXL)
= : Fixed presets in Hide & Seek (By: TommyXL)
= : Fixed errors in Double Trigger (By: TommyXL)
= : Fixed some invalid strings for Quiz Master (By: TommyXL)
= : Fixed bug when Mole not working on fungle (By: ryuk)
= : Remove ejected from Tricky random death reason (By: ryuk)
= : Fixed bug when Imitator having vanilla cooldown (By: ryuk)

【Translator Credits】

+ : (Dx7405) Dutch (apemv, madmazel_)
+ : (FuroYT, KevOut, Klaomi, Sansationnelle, Space Monkey)
+ : (alot, Baphojack, Mattix606)
+ : (Sunnyboi)
+ : (CreepPower)
+ : (TommyXL, Shoulder Devil, chill_ultimated, Nevermore59)
+ : (CrewCyan, LezaiYa, NikoCat223)
+ : (Dawson, Sunnyboi, thewhiskas27, xxSShadow)
+ : (FlyFlyTurtle, Hinharrrrr, netherdragontw, Pomelo_)

【New Roles】

+ : Rift Maker (Support Impostor - By: ryuk)
+ : Penguin (Hindering Impostor - Coded by dev TOH and Ported from TOHE+ - By: Drakos)
+ : Stealth (Hindering Impostor - Coded by dev TOH and Ported from TOHE+ - By: Drakos)
+ : Plague Scientist (Neutral Killer - Coded by dev TOH and Ported from TOHE+ - By: Drakos)
+ : Schrodinger's Cat (Neutral Benign - Coded by dev TOH - By: ryuk)
+ : Quizmaster (Experimental role - By: Furo)

【New Addons】

+ : Susceptible (Helpful Addon - By: Drakos)
+ : Tired (Helpful Addon - By: Drakos)
+ : Tricky (Impostor Add-on - By: ryuk)
+ : Rainbow (Miscellaneous Addon - Coded by dev TOH-Y - By: NikoCat223 and LezaiYa)

【Reworked/Rebased/Improved Roles】

= : Killing Machine (Reworked - By: ryuk)
= : Investigator (Reworked - By: ryuk)
= : Swapper (Rebased - By: NikoCat223)
= : Copycat (Improved - By: ryuk)

【Removed Roles/Addons】

- : Luckey (Сrewmate role - By: ryuk)
- : Witch (Neutral Killer - By: TommyXL)
- : Repairman (Common Addon - By: TommyXL)

【Performance/Code Improvements】

= : «FixedUpdate» in code now work async (By: TommyXL)
= : Optimize Ping Tracker Update (By: TommyXL)
= : Improved Code In «CheckMurder» (By: TommyXL)
= : Improved Code When Players Complete Task (By: TommyXL)
= : Сode improvements in «HasKillButton» (By: ryuk)
= : Сode improvements in «DivinatorCheck.Result» for Fortune Teller (By: ryuk)

【New Features】

+ : Support Added For Vanilla Hide & Seek (By: TommyXL)
+ : Added Random Skins & Colors in Camouflage (By: TommyXL)
+ : Black screen (Anti Blackout) protection system has been improved (By: TommyXL)
+ : Add-ons assign was recoded (By: TommyXL)

【New Settings】

+ : Show Only Enabled Roles In Guesser UI (By: TommyXL)
+ : Only allow whitelisted players to join lobbies (By: ryuk)
+ : Hide «Host♥» text (By: Pietro)
+ : Players can use the «/rn» command (By: Marg)
+ : Copycat: «Can copy team changing addon» (By: ryuk)
+ : Fortune Teller: «Show random active roles in Fortune Teller hints» (By: ryuk)
+ : Alchemist: «Potion Of Speed» (Ported from TOHE+ - By: Drakos)
+ : Doppelganger: «Can vent» and «Has imp vision» (By: ryuk)
+ : Bandit: «Steal cooldown» (different from kill cooldown - By: ryuk)


= : Display sorted role names for all langs in guesser UI (By: ryuk)
= : Preset 5 will be used to sync with host's setting for modded client (By: TommyXL)
= : Ported code «Vent.CanUse» from TOH (By: TommyXL)
= : Some roles have been removed from Experimental (By: ryuk)
= : Make «/rand» inclusive (By: Marg)
= : Prevent bans from InnerSloth servers if not modded host (By: Pietro)
= : Warn when «/dump» is used (By: Pietro)
= : Translate API tags, if translation available (By: Pietro)
= : Updated several roles' names internally to be consistent and not spaghetti code (By: Moe)
= : Add-ons with a spawn chance greater than or equal to 90% have higher priority (By: TommyXL)
= : Added delay teleport after meeting (By: TommyXL)
= : Roles using abilities using vents will now spawn on the Dleks (dlekS ehT) map (By: TommyXL)

【Bug Fixes】

= : Fixed vents on Dleks map for modded players (By: TommyXL)
= : Provocateur now cannot get Bait (By: TommyXL)
= : Kamikaze now cannot get Swift (By: TommyXL)
= : Evil Tracker now cannot get Seer (By: TommyXL)
= : Fixed bug when Bard did not work (By: TommyXL)
= : Fixed Tracker error In logs (By: TommyXL)
= : Fixed Burst error when game end (By: TommyXL)
= : Fixed other errors In logs (By: TommyXL)
= : Fixed check game end (By: TommyXL)
= : Fixed bug when Alchemist & Bloodlust could kill after end meeting (By: TommyXL)
= : Possibly fixed bug when sometimes non-modded player does not teleport (By: TommyXL)
= : Fixed Save Presets (Coded by dev TOH - By: TommyXL)
= : Fixed Disconnect At Game End (Coded by dev TOH - By: TommyXL)
= : Fixed spam LateTask about Mole on exit vent (By: TommyXL)
= : Fixed bug where Evil Tracker «Can See Kill Flash» option sometimes does not work (By: TommyXL)
= : Fixed bug when some roles can be stuck in vent during comms sabotage (By: TommyXL)
= : Fixed some strings (By: TommyXL)
= : Fixed errors in logs when Modded Client left the game (By: TommyXL)
= : Fixed bug when Merchant checks Add-ons limit (By: TommyXL)
= : Fixed bug when President skips meeting and someone will be ejected (By: TommyXL)
= : Fixed bug when the player's name was not cleared during end of the meeting when a player left the game (By: TommyXL)
= : Fixed bug when Swooper & Chameleon & Wraith & Alchemist teleport in vent after meeting (By: TommyXL)
= : Fixed Cleanser issues (By: TommyXL)
= : Fixed bug when Inspector seeing Rascal as Crew and Impostor (By: TommyXL)
= : Fixed bug when Time Master works incorrectly (By: TommyXL)
= : Fixed bug when Disperser teleport players when they were in vent (By: TommyXL)
= : Fixed bug when Huntsman not colored names targets at the beginning of the game (for vanilla - By: TommyXL)
= : Fixed bug when Pyromaniac not showing the douse on vanilla (for vanilla - By: TommyXL)
= : Fixed bug when Impostor ghosts didn't see the sabotage button (By: TommyXL)
= : Fixed bug when the reason for the end win was sometimes displayed incorrectly (By: TommyXL)
= : Fixed bug when the add-on had a 100% chance of spawning but would sometimes not spawn in the game (By: TommyXL)
= : Some fixes for Romantics (By: TommyXL and ryuk)
= : Fixed Undertaker for modded clients (By: ryuk)
= : Fixed bug when Copycat copying taskinator will give benefactor if Copycat can copy crew variant (By: ryuk)
= : Fix copycat copying enigma doesn't give clue (By: ryuk)
= : Fixed inspector doesn't give madmate as imp team (By: ryuk)
= : Fixed telecommunication not working when copycat copies (By: ryuk)
= : Fixed Bug where Jackal recruits Copycat and Copycat's role resets after meeting (By: ryuk and Moe)
= : Fixed bug when shield animation banning modded clients (By: ryuk)
= : Fixed instigator using vanilla kill cooldown (By: ryuk)
= : Fixed Councillor per meeting limit (By: ryuk)
= : Exclude Solsticer from Seeker's target (By: NikoCat223)
= : Fixed when Solsticer can be murdered (By: NikoCat223)
= : Fixed bug that sometimes caused the game to crash after version check (By: NikoCat223)
= : Fixed bug when Mini can misguess to death (By: NikoCat223)
= : Fixed bug when Vulture body amount not showing correctly for mod clients (By: NikoCat223)
= : Fixed bug when the host did not choose a spawn location on Airship for a long time and EAC banned players who tried to cause sabotage (By: NikoCat223)
= : Fixed bug when Nice Mini can be killed by Warlock, Puppeteer, Shroud and can be target for anonymous (By: NikoCat223 and LezaiYa)
= : Fixed the bug that prevented the game from ending when Mini was exiled (By: LezaiYa)
= : Fixed bug where «/gno» and «/rand» gave same result (By: Marg)

【Translator Credits】

+ : (By: Dx7405)
+ : (By: apemv, madmazel_)
+ : (By: FuroYT, KevOut, Klaomi, Sansationnelle)
+ : (By: alot, Baphojack, Mattix606)
+ : (By: Sunnyboi)
+ : (By: CreepPower)
+ : (By: TommyXL, Shoulder Devil (MogekoNik), chill_ultimated, Nevermore59)
+ : (By: CrewCyan, LezaiYa, NikoCat223)
+ (By: Dawson, Sunnyboi, thewhiskas27, xxSShadow)
+ : (By: FlyFlyTurtle, Hinharrrrr, netherdragontw, Pomelo_)

+ : Benefactor (Support Crewmate - By: ryuk)
+ : Keeper (Support Crewmate - By: ryuk)
+ : Captain (Power Crewmate - By: ryuk)
+ : Mole (Basic Crewmate - By: ryuk)
+ : Guess Master (Basic Crewmate - By: ryuk)
+ : Kamikaze (Support Impostor - By: Drakos)
+ : Solsticer (Experimental Neutral - By: NikoCat223)
+ : Flash (Helpful Addon - By: TommyXL)
+ : Silent (Helpful Addon - By: NikoCat223)
+ : Mundane (Harmful Addon - By: ryuk)
+ : dlekS ehT !paM weN (Thanks sleepyut (@Galster-dev on GitHub) and TommyXL)
+ : New Gamemode: FFA from TOHE+ (By: ryuk, Special Thanks: Gurge44)
+ : Added chat commands /tpin, /tpout - TP players in and out of ship in lobby (By: ryuk)
+ : New Setting: Prevent /quit due to malicious use (By: Furo)
+ : New Setting: Change Decontamination Time (Very Cool! Try this! By: TommyXL)
+ : Returned Setting: Remove Pets At Dead Players (By: ryuk)
+ : New Region: Modded South America - MSA (By: Pietro)
+ : New Region: Modded Chinese - Multiple (By: NikoCat223)
+ : New Button: Update! Now update the mod automatically! (By: Pietro)
+ : Added Skill Icons: Vulture, Pursuer and Cleaner (By: LeziYa)

= : Updated Log Readability (By: TommyXL)
= : Enhanced Anti-Cheat (EAC) now done by API (By: ryuk & Moe)
= : Removed Unnecessary roles from Guesser GUIs (By: NikoCat223)
= : System now sends message after clearing - Very Useful! (By: ryuk)
= : Fool (Addon) now incompatible with Repairman (Addon) to avoid issues (By: ryuk)
= : Typos that have been corrected.
Enigma Typo (By: Plaguer)

= : Alchemist invalid string fix (By: Drakos)
= : Votes now return if a player dies mid-round or disconnects (By: NikoCat223, ryuk)
= : Multiple Bug Fixes (By: NikoCat233, LezaiYa)
= : Prevent-MM-Mass-Shapeshift - Set Cheating Player Notification to "Notify" (By: NikoCat223)
= : Fix Workaholic getting Onbound, Rebound and Double Shot when Anti-Guess Enabled (By: ryuk)
= : Several Other Misc Fixes (by: Several Contributors/Devs)

+ : (By: Dx7405)
+ : (By: apemv, madmazel_)
+ : (By: FuroYT, KevOut, Klaomi, Sansationnelle)
+ : (By: alot, Baphojack, Mattix606)
+ : (By: Sunnyboi)
+ : (By: CreepPower)
+ : (By: chill_ultimated, Nevermore59, Shoulder Devil, TommyXL)
+ : (By: CrewCyan, Hinharrrrr, LezaiYa, NikoCat223)
+ (By: Dawson, Sunnyboi, thewhiskas27, xxSShadow)
+ : (By: FlyFlyTurtle, Hinharrrrr, netherdragontw, Pomelo_)

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  • By NetherDragonTwopen in new window
    + : Added anti-spam feature on Lava Chat (Fixed by: ryuk)

  • By ryukopen in new window
    + : Pixie (Benign Neutral - Idea: Azanthiel)
    + : Taskinator (Benign Neutral - Idea: Dx)
    = : Converted Reverie can kill anyone without repercussions
    = : Egoist Count as Converted Neutral
    = : Cyber and Doppelganger incompatibility
    = : Role colors now modifiable via RoleColor.dat
    = : Vector and Unlucky no longer compatible
    = : Fixed Death Reason Inconsistency
    = : Fixed Double IDs for roles that get them
    = : Fixed settings overrides and resets (Must play one or two games)

  • By TommyXLopen in new window
    + : Added New Camouflage Skins
    = : Improved Codebase Significantly
    = : Improved Sync Settings
    = : Mare and Stalker anti-spawn on The Fungle

+ by KevOut, Sansationnelle, Klémi, & FuroYT.
+ by Sunnyboi.
+ by CreepPower.
+ by Mattix606, Baphojack, & reallyalot.
+ by xxSShadow(New Translator), Sunnyboi, Dawson, & thewhiskas.
+ by Pomelo_(New Translator), FlyFlyTurtle(New Translator), NikoCat223, & NetherDragonTw.

= : The Fungle Fully Supported!
= : Several Bug Fixes
= : Fun and all! Let's get ready to enter The Fungle 🌲

= : Fixed bugs with (Evil) Mini not being judgeable or revenged
= : Fixed Swapper and several bugs within it, staying experimental
= : Fixed Berserker not able to die and spamming errors
= : Fixed Mad Nice Mini issues
= : Fixed a conflict with Tiebreaker and Void Ballot
= : Improved overkiller in PlayerControls
= : Reworked End Game Checks (again) to optimize it

+ : Ported President (from SLE by ryuk, originally coded by SolarFlare)
+ : Ported Spy (from TOHE+ by LezaiYa, Originally coded by Gurge44)
+ : Added double click to kill setting for infectious (by ryuk)
+ : Added 2 lobby games /rps and /coinflip for ppl who die to early (lol) (by ryuk)
+ : Ported Rebound from SLE (by ryuk) (originally coded by SolarFlare)
+ : Ported Vigilante from SLE (Mercenary) with a small change (by ryuk) (originally coded by SolarFlare)
+ : Pyromaniac color changed
+ : New setting for Crewpostor (lunge on kill) AND kill after each x tasks completion (by ryuk)
+ : New setting for Deceiver (loses ability usage on wrongful deceive) (by ryuk)
+ : New ryuk Camo Skin (by ryuk)
+ : Bewilder setting killer can get bewilder's vision (by ryuk)
+ : Added Jailer to Fortune Teller list (by Moe)
+ : Added a new setting for Deathpact (Players in active Deathpact can call meeting) (by lars-wu)
+ : Added Default_Template.txt (It's so people can check if there are any changes that have been done in auto generated template.txt) (by ryuk)
+ : Added a new setting for Corone (Inform killer about being tracked) (by lars-wu)
+ : Added new setting for Twister (Hide who the players swap places with) (by lars-wu)
+ : Made Mini unable to be recruited and special kill (by LezaiYa)
+ : New merchant to sell only enabled addons setting (by ryuk)

- : Glow (by ryuk)
- : Occultist until rework (by ryuk)
- : Sunglasses (by ryuk)
- : Removed Coven roles in code (Shade, Coven Leader, Ritualist, Banshee) (by TommyXL)

= : Inspector now uses /cmp and /compare instead of /cp (ask Moe why) (by ryuk)
= : Arsonist will be snitch's target if it can continue the game (by ryuk)
= : Admirer moved to experimental (neutrals can win with og team, this shouldn't be the case anymore as we have tested it, but we're keeping it here in case) (by ryuk, and possibly fixed by Niko)
= : Added increase and Max kill cooldown setting. Reverie misfires and dies with target after reaching Max cooldown
= : Updated Whitelist (You can add nicknames for keeping track of friend codes (friendcode#1234, nickname)) (by TommyXL)
= : Updated Fragile (Fragile will no longer show themselves as killer if they die.) (by ryuk)
= : Reorganized Options and fixed to adjust to renaming (by Moe)
= : Updated default template message for all languages (by ryuk, TommyXL, Dopzy, Dawson, lezaiYa, netherdragontw)
= : Renamed Cultivator to Berserker in code, should be unchanged on client side, this is to check for code optimation later (by Moe)
= : Heads/tails for coinflip now translatable in <>.dat (by PHGaming)

= : Hater no longer ignores shields
= : Fixed huntsman (by ryuk)
= : Fixed wrong win screen and Huntsman now shows everyone as target (instead of showing no one) if not enough targets alive
= : Fixed /death for hosts (by TommyXL)
= : Fixed wrong name on bait reveal and /id when using color name mode (by ryuk)
= : Fixed spy for Modded clients (by ryuk)
= : Fix Copycat and admirer interaction (by NikoCat233)
Updated en_US.json for some neutral killers (by Moe)
= : Tracefinder fix, it can no longer see arrows when no on was dead (by TommyXL)

+ : Reworked Reverie (by ryuk, Idea by Pyro, Original Idea/Code by TronAndRey)
+ : Reworked Hater (by NikoCat233)

= : Renamed Agent back to Evil Tracker AND Disruptor To Anti Adminer (by TommyXL)
= : Hater improvements (by Gurge44)
= : Improved Amnesiac, Imitator (by NickoCat233)
= : Reworked chat spamming system to be a little more optimized (by ryuk)

  • : Added support for more Translations!

+ by Reginaldoo, Dopzy, & Arc

= Language.dat (English.dat) updates automatically now.
= New variables for template file = (host's name), ( is for any player.)
= Several Misc Bug Fixes and code enhancements by TommyXL, ryuk, Moe and Gurge44

= : Removed spray of Loonie and replaced it #6open in new window
+ : Added an updated clue in Fortune Teller #5open in new window
= : Fixed templates and VIP List not generating #5open in new window #6open in new window
+ : A new tease...for a new role...? (try /r President)

= : Removed all association with LoonieToons, credit is still provided in README
= : Renamed Jailor to Jailer (you're welcome, ryuk)
= : Updated default templates to include all appropriate strings/variables
= : Fixed Bandit Text String