Canary Changelogs

To access Canary Builds, visit the TOH: Enhanced Discordopen in new window and visit #canary-builds, and download the latest dll!

  • By TommyXLopen in new window
    = : Fix dark theme when using quick chat
    = : Not Increase character limit for modded clients

  • By ryukopen in new window
    = : Fix Last Impostor, Workhorse and Lovers showing 0%
    + : New setting Revert to old Kill logs (The kill log and end summary will also automatically remove html tags if the length is too long (even with setting off). This is done because if message is too big, it will not send to some players.)

  • By ryukopen in new window
    = : Fixed bug when Mole not working on fungle
    - : Remove ejected from Tricky random death reason
    = : Fixed bug when Imitator having vanilla cooldown
    = : Fixed bug when addons rate always showing 100% when player does "/r" or "/m"

  • By TommyXLopen in new window
    = : Fixed bug when modded non-host player ignore random teleport in Airship
    = : Fixed missing settings for Seer
    = : Some changes in code

  • By TommyXLopen in new window
    = : Fixed some issues after teleport
    = : Fixed random spawn in Airship
    = : Now vanilla roles and Amnesiac always will be show in Guesser UI
    = : Added temporary black screen fix for ghost roles (After meeting, the player who has the role of a ghost will kill himself so as not to stumble upon a black screen (dead body will not be visible to all players))

  • By Drakosopen in new window
    = : Small fix in ghost role assign

  • By TommyXLopen in new window
    = : Modded players now will show the player role in the Haunt Menu instead of the base role
    = : Fixed bug when the GM get stuck outside the map on the Airship
    = : Fixed pressets in Hide & Seek
    = : Fixed Butcher typo
    = : Fixed disguise the Glitch

  • By ryukopen in new window
    - : Unused strings was removed (Thanks to kevoutings for providing all the unused strings)

  • : Collaborative Changes! (Worked on by 2+ people!)
  • By Pietroopen in new window & NikoCat223open in new window
    = : Fixed Mod Updater

  • By NikoCat223open in new window with help from TommyXLopen in new window
    + : New function for Shapeshift roles: Reject-ShapeShift (All roles that have the ability to use shapeshift will no longer play the shapeshift animation) (This function can be adjusted using the setting "Disable Shapeshift Animations" (The Sniper has a separate setting))

  • By Drakosopen in new window with help from TommyXLopen in new window
    = : Improved code base for all add-ons

  • Other changes:

  • By ryukopen in new window
    = : Improve announcement patch (Ported from TOH-Y) (Now the announcement will be translated via Crowdin (Still WIP))
    + : New setting: Players can use /tpin and /tpout command

    + : New setting: Players can play mini games
    = : We will now use Mini.RegionInstall to add modded servers
    = : Fixed Progress text and target mark for Pirate
    - : Removed Overtired from enabled addons list
    = : Make shahpeshifted hangman ignore alerted veteran
    + : Backgrounds sets in randomly (from art competitions)

  • By TommyXLopen in new window
    + : Added dlekS ehT in Map Picker Menu (Thanks Submerged sourse code)
    = : Improved role spawns (Ported from TOHE+) (Now for each role you can set the chance of appearance from 0% to 100%)
    + : Added setting: "Dark Theme" (Ported From TOHE+) (Works only for modded players)
    = : Add-ons display was recoded
    + : New setting: Impostors can see each other's Add-ons
    = : Improved Role Summary (Ported From TOHE+)
    - : Client Setting "Old Role Summary" removed
    = : Fixed bug when "FixedUpdate" for roles working in lobby
    = : Possibly fixed bug when settings sometimes are not loading
    = : Fixed bug when Time Master teleported a player when they were in a vent
    = : Fixed bug when Anti-Blackout didn't work at times

  • By 0xDrMoeopen in new window
    = : Fixes for Copycat turning into Retributionist and reverting back into Copycat

  • By Drakosopen in new window
    + : Added new add-on: Statue (idea @spong)
    + : New function: Ghost Roles
    + : New Ghost Roles: "Warden" for Crewmates, "Minion" for Impostors
    = : Improve Retributionist & Nemesis (These roles are now moved in Ghost Roles) (Note: These roles will no longer be ghosts in future versions (1.7.0)) (Note 2.0: This is a heavy WIP, if you notice bugs, please report them!)
    = : Fixed bug when Susceptible making role visisble to others
    = : Fixed Plague Scientist typo

  • By Pietroopen in new window + : New setting: "Disable VoteKick System"

  • By NikoCat223open in new window
    = : Fixed some visual bugs with Modded clients
    = : Fixed bug when Bomber and Nuker was banned by EAC after shapeshift

    = : Solsticer is no longer a member of any team
    = : Make Penguin victim cannot kill
    = : Pelican cannot eat grabbing penguin
    = : If a user fails dbconnect on first login, it will be turned to offline mode and forced to re-login

  • By TommyXLopen in new window
    = : Support AU v2024.3.5
    = : Fixed bug when Time Master teleport player when they were in the vent
    = : Fixed bug when Anti-Blackout sometimes not work

  • By NikoCat223open in new window
    = : Fixed bug when Bomber and Nuker was banned by EAC aftet shapeshifting

  • By TommyXLopen in new window
    = : Another attempt to fix Disconnection due relible packet in lobby | It looks like the disconnect issues are happening on the AU side when fortegreen player tries to join the lobby
    = : Fixed errors in logs for Penguin

  • By ryukopen in new window
    = : Fixed issues with Bandit stealing addons
    = : Fixed issues with Captain when they remove addons
    = : Fixed bug when Rift Radius unit changed from s in settings

  • By TommyXLopen in new window
    = : Fixed disconnection due to "reliable packet was not ack'd" message being spammed for fortegreen players

  • By TommyXLopen in new window
    = : The game should now end, if a player exits the game while assigning roles
    = : PlagueBearer & Pestilence can no longer get Fragile
    = : Doppelganger skin no longer be changed during MushroomMixup sabotage
    = : Fixed bug where Sidekick kill cooldown was not set correctly
    = : Fixed bug that allowed Pestilence to be eaten by Pelican
    = : Fixed player names after using "/kill" command
    = : Possibly fixed Disconnection due to "reliable packet" in lobby
    = : Fixed bug preventing Copycat from copying Overseer
    = : Fixed updating of player names after kill committed by Doppelganger

  • By ryukopen in new window
    + : New Add-On: Tricky (Imposter Only!)
    + : Added settings for Doppelganger: "Can vent" and "Has imp(oster) vision"
    + : Added setting for Bandit: "Steal cooldown" (different from kill cooldown)
    = : Some fixes for Romantic | Change romantic to ruthless instead of vengeful if the killer is null
    = : Fixed bug where shield animation would ban modded clients
    = : Give N/A as killer role and name when killer is null and player use /death
    = : Fixed instigator using vanilla kill cooldown
    = : Fixed councillor per meeting limit
    = : Fixed bug of Susceptible giving death reasons of roles that are off

  • By Drakosopen in new window
    = : Fixed bug when Pestilence can be killed in some cases

  • By TommyXLopen in new window
    - /: Witch (Neutral) has been removed | Role Spellcaster was renamed to Witch
    + : Add-ons assign was recoded
         --Fixed bug when the add-on had a 100% chance of spawning but would sometimes not spawn in the game
         --Add-ons with a spawn chance greater than or equal to 90% have higher priority
         --The remaining add-ons that have a chance below 90% are assigned according to the old scheme
    = : Black screen protection no longer activates when there are no live neutral killers present in the game
    = : Plague Scientist is no longer an experimental role | Plague Scientist => Neutral Killer
    = : Fixed visual bug for Plague Scientist
    = : Fixed bug causing Impostor ghosts to not see the sabotage button
    = : Fixed Alchemist speed
    = : Fixed bug when Pyromaniac not showing the douse on vanilla
    = : Fixed string for Mercenary & Serial Killer
    = : Fixed bug where the reason for the end win was sometimes displayed incorrectly

  • By NikoCat223open in new window
    + : New setting for Rainbow: "Rainbow color changes during Camouflage"
    = : Fixed bug when Vulture body amount was not displaying correctly for mod clients
    = : Fixed bug when the host did not choose a spawn location on Airship for a long time causing EAC to ban players who tried to cause sabotage

  • By LezaiYaopen in new window AND NikoCat223open in new window
    = : Fixed bug where Nice Mini could be killed by Warlock, Puppeteer, and Shroud as well as prevent them from being target for anonymous

: No Changes, just compiled to official Canary and not through Debug (Thanks, Julius!)

  • By Drakosopen in new window
    + : Added Role: Penguin
    + : Added role: Stealth
    + : Added role: Plague Scientist

  • By LezaiYaopen in new window
    = : Fixed Some Strings

  • By ryukopen in new window
    + : Added Role: Schrodinger's Cat (500th PR!)
    = : Fixed color name/symbols for several roles
    = : Fixed Killing Machine using vanilla kill CD
    = : Fixed Coroner not showing arrows for modded players
    = : Fixed bug when bombed player cant pass the bomb if host is haunting (Agitator)
    = : Fixed kamikaze key not found error (in logs)

  • By TommyXLopen in new window
    = : Added delay teleport after meeting
    + : Hide tag for Vanilla players
    = : Fixed Workaholic not working
    = : Fixed Cleanser issues
    = : Fixed Auto-Play Again Game End Errors
    = : Fixed bug when Quizmaster would not work on Modded Clients
    = : Fixed the displaying of some roles when "Show Only Enabled Roles In Guesser UI" is enabled
    = : Fixed bug when Quizmaster has tasks
    = : Fixed bug when Plague Scientist not work
    = : Fixed string for Sleuth(Settings "Neutrals/Crewmates can become Sleuth" was sets in reverse)
    = : Fixed bug of Inspector seeing Rascal as Crew and Impostor
    = : Some fixes for Romantics
    = : Fixed bug where Time Master would work incorrectly

  • By Pietroopen in new window
    = : Made changes to prevent bans from InnerSloth servers if the host was not using a modded client
    = : There will now be a warning when /dump is used

  • By LezaiYaopen in new window AND NikoCat223open in new window
    + : New Add-On - Rainbow


  • By Pietroopen in new window
    = :Possibly fixed an error in the logs when checking player versions

  • By ryukopen in new window
    = : Added double click kill for Bandit

  • By NikoCat223open in new window
    = : For mod clients will show real result voting, for vanilla clients will show a tie (When black screen protection is activated)

  • By TommyXLopen in new window
    - : Repairman Add-on has been removed
    = : FixedUpdate in code now work async | May improve performance on slower devices and also idea was taken from TOHE+
    = : Black screen (Anti Blackout) protection system has been improved | If result voting show as tie, then after meeting the result voting will be displayed above the player's name
    = : Fixed bug when Disperser teleported players when they were in vent
    = : Fixed bug when Huntsman not colored names targets at the beginning of the game (for vanilla)

  • By 0xDrMoeopen in new window
    = : Updated several roles' names internally to be consistent and not spaghetti code
    = : Fixed Bug where Jackal recruits Copycat and Copycat's role resets after meeting (with ryuk)

  • By TommyXLopen in new window
    + : Added Support For Vanilla Hide & Seek
    + : Set Preset 5 For Modded Non-Host Players | Preset 5 will be used to sync with host's setting for modded client
    + : New Setting: Show Only Enabled Roles In Guesser UI
    + : Added random skins & colors in Camouflage
    = : Optimize Ping Tracker Update
    = : Improved Code In Check Murder
    = : Improved Code When Players Complete Task
    = : Ported code Vent.CanUse from TOH
    = : Fixed vents on Dleks map
    = : Provocateur now cannot get Bait
    = : Kamikaze now cannot get Swift
    = : Evil Tracker now cannot get Seer
    = : Fixed bug when Bard not work
    = : Fixed Tracker error In logs
    = : Fixed other errors In logs (I hope lol)
    = : Fixed check game end
    = : Fixed Burst Error When Game End
    = : Fixed bug when Alchemist & Bloodlust could kill after end meeting
    = : Fixed bug when Alchemist & Bloodlust could kill after end meeting
    = : Possibly fixed bug when sometimes non modded player does not teleported
    = : Fixed Save Presets (Coded by dev TOH)
    = : Fixed Disconnect At Game End (Coded by dev TOH)
    = : Fixed Spam LateTask About Mole On Exit Vent
    = : Fixed bug where Evil Tracker "Can See Kill Flash" option sometimes not work
    = : Fixed bug when some roles can be stuck in vent during comms sabotage
    = : Fixed some strings
    = : Fixed errors in logs when Modded Client left the game
    = : Fix Merchant no longer checks Add-ons limit
    = : Fixed bug when President skips meeting and someone will be ejected
    = : Fixed bug when the player's name was not cleared during end the meeting when player left the game
    = : Fixed bug when Swooper & Chameleon & Wraith & Alchemist teleport in vent after meeting

  • By ryukopen in new window
    - : Luckey (Crew Role)
    + : Added Impostor role Rift Maker
    + : Added setting for copycat to copy team changing addon instead of just copying madmate
    + : Added setting for Fortune Teller: Show random active roles in Fortune Teller hints
    + : Added setting: Only allow whitelisted players to join lobbies
    + : Added setting: Display sorted role names for all langs in guesser UI
    = : Copycat can now copy crew roles with Arrows (Mortician, Coroner, Tracefinder, Spiritualist, Tracker) | copying Evil tracker gives Tracker, Anti Adminer gives telecommunication and pursuer gives Deciever
    = : Reworked Investigator
    = : Reworked Killing Machine
    = : Сode improvements in HasKillButton
    = : Сode improvements in DivinatorCheck.Result (Fortune Teller) |Changed it so that strings dont have to be updated every single time a new role has been added to the check list
    = : Copycat copying taskinator will give benefactor if Copycat can copy crew variant
    = :Some roles have been removed from Experimental | Fool => Harmful Addon, Oiiai => Mixed, Admirer => Powerful Crew, Blackmailer => Support Imp, Butcher => Killing Imp, Eraser => Hidering Imp, Hangman => Killing Imp, Lightning => Concealing Imp, Zombie => Killing Imp, Soliticer => Neutral Chaos, Investigator => Crew Support, Killing Machine => Imp killing
    = : Fix Undertaker for modded clients
    = : Fix copycat copying enigma doesnt give clue
    = : Fixed inspector doesnt give madmate as imp team
    = : Fixed telecommunication doesnt work when copycat copies

  • By NikoCat223open in new window
    = : Rebased Swapper (Partial Rework)
    = : Exclude Solsticer from Seeker's target
    = : Fixed when solsticer can be murdered
    = : Fixed bug when sometimes caused game to crash after version check
    = : Fixed bug when Mini can misguess to death

  • By FuroYTopen in new window
    + : Added Role: Quizmaster

  • By Drakosopen in new window
    + : Added Add-On: Susceptible
    + : Added Add-On: Tired
    + : Added New Alchemist Setting: Potion Of Speed (Ported from TOHE+)
  • By Margopen in new window
    + : Added /rn for vanilla clients
    = : Make /rand inclusive
    = : Fix bug where /gno and /rand gave same result

  • By NikoCat223open in new window
    = : Change flags in rpcguardandkill
    = : Fix tohe in vanilla room
    = : Fix the bug where non hosts can trigger spam chats
    + : Added Modded Chinese regions
    = : Prevent-MM-mass-Shapeshift from crashing lobbies (Please set When cheating player is found option to notify for now)

  • By ryukopen in new window
    = : EAC by API
    = : Returned keeper's vote after selecting target (it can now select different person to vote)
    = : Fix pixie target not being reset when meeting skipped
    + : New Setting captain number of tasks required to slow and reveal
    = : Fix count types when main role is assigned
    = : Fix few roles that are unable to guess getting doubleshot

  • By Pietroopen in new window
    = : Fixed Updater

  • By NikoCat223open in new window
    = : Prevent players from vote kicking debug hosts
    = : Fixed new line in pasted article will automatically send the chat
    = : EAC spam crashing the host should be fixed
    = : Fixed pressing v "use imp vent joystick" spamming errors

  • By TommyXLopen in new window
    + : Setting: "Change Decontamination Time" (Try this out!)
    + : Setting: "Remove Pets At Dead Players" returned
    = : Improved sync game settings during the game and some code improvements to performance
    = : Fixed tag for vanilla players
    = : Fixed bug when notice message was not cleared during the start of a meeting
    = : Some code changes to make log information more readable
    = : Fixed bug when some of the settings in the "Disable Task" for The Fungle map were placed incorrectly
    = : Fixed critical bug when game cannot be end by Sabotage and by done all tasks
    = : Fixed bug when Cleansed Flash still has high speed
    = : Fixed bug when Merchant sometimes didn't work
    = : Fixed <Invalid:BenefactorTargetGotShield>
    = : Fixed bug when taskless Crewmate can get Mundane

  • By LezaiYaopen in new window
    + : Added a skill icon for Vulture, Pursuer, Cleaner (for modded)
    = : Fixed bug whan Nice Mini can be guessed to death by Guesser

  • By NikoCat223open in new window
    = : Improved Anti first kill Host
    = : Improved EAC
    = : Fix ChatCommandPatch
    = : Fix meeting button broken
    = : Fix eac sabotage check
    = : Fix Solsticer and Pelican interaction
    = : Fix dictator and solsticer interaction
    = : Fix player from voting a dead or disconnected player, and should return the vote if target is dead or null (Improve the logic to skip vote finished checks)
    - : Remove GAngle and FFAKiller and some obvious roles from guesser gui
    + : Experimental Neutral role: Solsticer
    + : Helpful Add-on: Silent

  • By TommyXLopen in new window
    = : Fix Visual Bug With Negative Task
    = : Fix Neutral Killers Can Be Madmate
    = : Fix Bug When Players Stuck In Walls After Teleporting
    = : Fix bug where roles that use vent to trigger power spawning in ehT dlekS
    = : Many other miscellaneous bug fixes and changes to improve code redability (This is done because vents do not work on ehT dlekS)
    + : Returned Helpful Add-on: Flash
    + : Support map dlekS ehT (Thanks sleepyut (@Galster-dev on github))

  • By ryukopen in new window
    = : Fix bug necromancer kill animation shown twice
    = : Fix taskinator kicking modded clients
    = : Console now appears only for people with debugger perms
    = : Made fool incompatible with repairman
    = : Some other miscellaneous changes
    = : Fixed Taskinator killing dead players
    = : Fixed Romantic spamming error
    = : Fix Workaholic getting double shot
    = : Fix copycat copying swapper
    = : Fix workaholic getting onbound, rebound and doubleshot when cant be guessed and cant guess
    = : Fix bounty hunter teammate becoming BH target
    = : Fix captain target speed not resetting after meeting
    = : Fix Host showing romantic partner to romantic if on modded client
    + : Added chat commands /tpin and /tpout (to tp vanilla players in and out of ship in lobby)
    + : Added jester not win info in exile message for next meeting
    + : Crewmate Power role: Captain
    + : Crewmate Basic role: Mole
    + : Crewmate Support role: Benefactor
    + : Crewmate Support role: Keeper
    + : Crewmate Basic role: Guess Master
    + : Harmful Add-on: Mundane
    + : Ported FFA from TOHE+ (Thanks gurge44) (Fixed random spawns, setting vent when 2 players alive, setting cant vent when kill cd is up and many other miscellaneous bugs in FFA mode)

  • By Pietroopen in new window
    + : Added new feature: Update Button (Heavy WIP)
    + : Add region: Modded SA (MSA)

  • By NikoCat223open in new window
    = : Fixed butcher, hater and horsemod
    = : Fixed influenced vote never actually shift
    = : Fixed influenced and swapper vote results in meetinghud
    = : Fixed mini ejection screen
  • By NetherDragonTwopen in new window
    = : Fix lava chat (chat will be spammed when someone talks during ejection screen)

  • By ryukopen in new window
    = : Updated in game access to be given by APIs (example: /up access, overhead tags etc. will be given using API)
    = : Possible fix for Imitator

  • By TommyXLopen in new window
    = : Fix teleporting bug for Pelican, Scavenger, etc...
    = : Fixed Fool
    = : Fixed Unlucky
    = : Fix Imitator
    = : Fixed /xf (hopefully)
    = : Improved code base for better performance
    = : Fixed player names for desync Impostor during Mushroom Mixup
    = : Fixed bug when shapeshift cooldown sets to 0 after Mushroom Mixup (Vanilla Bug)
    = : Fix Desync Impostor Reset Cooldown Sabotages (If setting Sabotage Cooldown Control is enabled, desync Impostors resets cooldown sabotages when any sabotage is clicked)
    = : Fix Overseer Error
    = : Mare and Stalker Can No Longer Spawn On The Fungle Map
    = : Fix Executioner
    = : Fix Necroview Cant See Cyber Team
    + : Added new skins TommyXL and Gurge
  • By NikoCat223open in new window
    = : Recode Admirer for better performance
    = : Fix Admirer
    = : Fix Jackal recruiting
    = : If host is versioncheating, then mod clients wont automatically quit
    = : Fix Vulture (Now Vulture cant eat cleaned\stoned body)
    = : Improved Banning system
    = : Fixed converted player win conditions
    = : Fix bug Hurried can be madmate
    = : Improved Butcher
    = : Fix /death broadcast message to everyone
    = : Fix Mod client also remove player version data upon player quit
    = : Patch system message from chat manager
    + : Harmful Add-on: Influenced
    + : Experimental Add-on: OIIAI
    + : Harmful Add-on: Hurried
    - : Remove "Incompatible" role assign

  • By ryukopen in new window
    = : Fix /gno (Fixed wrong message displayed when player guesses the number on their last guess.)
    = : Fix preset settings overwritten (It will work after the game has been at least once. If you see the template getting reset after updating (for the first time) change between 2 presets and it will fix)
    = : Fix Copycat judge not able to trial
    = : Fix seeker unable to seek players and now Seeker will see target in colored names
    = : Made Vector incompatible with Unlucky
    = : Fix Lookout, Inspector and Swapper seeing double id with Guesser addon
    = : Improved Trickster (Reverie killing Trickster increases cooldown, Always shows as a check mark for Witness)
    = : made Cyber incompatible with Doppelganger
    = : reworked game end
    = : fix Witness and Innocent getting tasks after death
    = : fix Bloodlust not working
    = : fix Oiiai Imitator can't imitate
    = : checking user access using database (thanks to NikoCat233 for helping me(ryuk) implement it, KevOut for pointing out the security concerns and Moe for setting up the database and API)
    + : Neutral Benign Role: Taskinator (idea by Dx)
    + : Neutral Benign Role: Pixie (idea by Azanthiel)
    + : Role colors are now changeable through a new .dat file (Users can change role colors by renaming templateRoleColor.dat to RoleColor.dat and adding hex colors in the file; Custom role colors can be exported by pressing"F5+X" (same as custom translations)).
    + : Added setting for Egoist to be counted as converted Neutral
    + : Added setting for converted madmate to kill without repercussions
    - : Removed Egoist count as Neutral setting from Inspector

  • By LezaiYaopen in new window
    = : Some miscellaneous fixes
    = : Fix the bug that mini player's victory is not shown
    = : Improve evil mini kill cd logic (helped by NikoCat233)
    + : Basic Crewmate Role: Randomizer (from Night)
    + : Add setting: count grow up time in meeting (helped by NikoCat233)

  • By KevOut
    = : Fix taskbar always invisible

  • : Added support for more Translations!

+ by KevOut, Sansationnelle, Klémi, & FuroYT.
+ by Sunnyboi.
+ by CreepPower.
+ by Mattix606, Baphojack, & reallyalot.
+ by xxSShadow,Sunnyboi, Dawson, & thewhiskas.
+ by Pomelo_, FlyFlyTurtle, NikoCat223, & NetherDragonTw.

  • By LezaiYaopen in new window
    + : Crewmate Support Role: Spy

  • By ryukopen in new window
    + : Crewmate Power Role: President from SLE
    + : Added double click to kill setting for infectious
    + : Added 2 lobby games /rps and /coinflip for ppl who die to early (lol)
    + : Ported rebound from SLE (originally coded by SolarFlare)
    + : Ported Vigilante from SLE (Mercenary) with a small change (originally coded by SolarFlare)
    + : New setting for Crewpostor (lunge on kill) AND kill after each x tasks completion
    + : New setting for Deceiver (loses ability usage on wrongful deceive)
    + : Camo Skin ()
    + : Bewilder setting killer can get Bewilder's vision
    + : Added Default_Template.txt (It's so people can check if there are any changes that have been done in auto generated template.txt)
    - : Removed Glow
    - : Removed Occultist until rework
    - : Removed Sunglasses
    = : Inspector now uses /cmp & /compare instead of /cp (ask Moe why)
    = : Arsonist will be snitch's target if it can continue the game
    = : Admirer moved to experimental (Neutrals can win with og team, this shouldn't be the case anymore as we have tested it, but we're keeping it here in case) (possibly fixed by NikoCat233)
    + : Reworked reverie (Idea by Pyro, Original Idea & Code by TronAndRey) (Added increase and Max kill cooldown setting. Reverie misfires and dies with target after reaching Max cooldown)
    = : Updated fragile (Fragile will no longer show themselves as killer if they die.)

  • By TommyXLopen in new window
    = : Renamed Agent back to Evil Tracker AND Disruptor To Anti Adminer
    = : Pyromaniac color changed
    - : Сoven roles in code (Shade, Coven Leader, Ritualist, Banshee)
    = : Tracefinder fix, it can no longer see arrows when no on was dead
    = : Updated Whitelist (You can add nicknames for keeping track of friend codes (friendcode#1234, nickname))

  • By Moeopen in new window
    + : Added Jailer to Fortune Teller list
    = : Reorganized Options and fixed to adjust to renaming
    = : Renamed Cultivator to Berserker in code, should be unchanged on client side, this is to check for code optimation later

+ is now Supported. (by Reginaldoo, Dopzy, & Arc)