As the Swapper, you can swap votes in meetings.

To swap votes, use '/sw [playerID]' twice.

Player IDs are displayed next to player names in meetings, but you can also use /id to get a list of all player IDs.

Note: You cannot swap yourself.

  • Max
    • Set the Maximum amount of Swappers that can be in a match
  • Maximum Swaps
    • Set the Max amount of times the Swapper can swap votes of players
  • Can exchange your own votes
    • : Swapper can exchange their own votes
    • : Swapper cannot exchange their own votes
  • Can call emergency meetings
    • : Swapper can call emergency meetings
    • : Swapper cannot call emergency meetings
  • Try to hide Swapper's command
    • : The mod will attempt to hide the Swapper’s commands
    • : The mod will not care to hide the Swapper’s commands