As the Devourer, you use your shapeshift to permanently change the appearance of the target of the shapeshift. Additionally, for each player's appearance changed, your kill cooldown is reduced by a defined number of seconds. If the Devourer dies or gets voted out during a meeting, the player's appearance will change back to their normal appearance.

  • Max
    • Set the Maximum amount of Devourers that can be in a match
  • Starting kill cooldown
    • Set the Starting kill cooldown for the Devourer
  • Reduce kill cooldown by
    • Set how much the kill cooldown will be reduced by for each player's appearance changed
  • Minimum kill cooldown
    • Set the lowest the kill cooldown can go
  • Devour Cooldown
    • Set how long the Devourer needs to wait to Devour again
  • Hide the names of consumed players
    • : the names of the players that were Devoured will not appear in game
    • : the names of the players that were Devoured will appear in game

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