As the Amnesiac, use your report button on a body to remember their role.

If the target was an Impostor, you'll become a Refugee.
If the target was a Crewmate, you'll become the target role if compatible (otherwise you become Engineer).
If the target was a passive neutral or a neutral killer not specified, you'll become the role defined in the settings.
If the target was a neutral killer of a select few, you'll become the role they are.

  • Max
    • Set the Maximum amount of Amnesiacs that can be in a match
  • If neutral is incompatible, turn into
    • Set what role the Amnesiac will become if they try to remember a role that is incompatible with the Amnesiac, choose from:
      • Amnesiac
      • Witch
      • Pursuer
      • Follower
      • Maverick
      • Imitator

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