As the Pixie, Mark up to X amount of targets each round by using kill button on them. When the meeting starts, your job is to have one of the marked targets ejected. If unsuccessful you will suicide, except if you didn't mark any targets or all the targets are dead. The selected targets resets to 0 after the meeting ends. If you succeed you will gain a point. You see all your targets in colored names.

You win with the winning team when you have certain amounts of points set by the host.

  • Max
    • Set the Maximum amount of Pixies that can be in a match
  • Number of points required to win
    • Set how many points the Pixie must collect to win
  • Maximum number of targets per round
    • Set how many people the Pixie can mark per round
  • Mark cooldown
    • Set how long the Pixie has to wait to mark a player
  • Pixie suicides if target is not voted out
    • : the Pixie will suicide if none of their targets are voted out
    • : the Pixie will not suicide even if none of their targets are voted out

Idea: [Azanthiel] & Coding: ryukopen in new window