The Follower can use their Kill button to Follow players, and use it again to follow another player. They will win with their Target, and they can win after death.

  • Maximum Number of Follows
    • Set the amount of times a Follower can swap their Target
  • Follow Cooldown
    • Set how long a Follower needs to wait to Follow a player
  • Increase Cooldown per 1 follow by
    • Set how much the Followers follow cooldown increases after each target swap
  • Maximum Follow Cooldown
    • Set the Maximum amount of time a Followers follow cooldown can go up to
  • Follower knows their target’s role
    • : the Follower will see their target's role
    • : the Follower has no clue what their target's role is
  • Follower’s target knows who the Follower is
    • : the Follower’s target can see who the Follower is
    • : the target will have no idea who the Follower is

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