As the Benefactor, whenever you complete a task, the task will be marked. When another player completes the marked task, they get a temporary shield.

Note: Shield only protects from direct kill attacks

  • Max
    • Set the Maximum amount of Benefactors that can be in a match
  • Number of tasks that can be marked in one round
    • Set how many tasks the Benefactor can mark in one round
  • Shield Duration
    • Set how long the Benefactor's shield lasts for
  • Shield breaks after one kill attempt
    • : shield will break on first contact
    • : shield will not break on first contact
  • Override Benefactor’s Tasks
    • : you can set a different amount of Tasks that a Benefactor needs to do
    • : the Benefactor does the same amount of Tasks as anyone else
      • Benefactor has Common Tasks
        • Set if the Benefactor has Common Tasks
      • Amount of Long Tasks for Benefactor
        • Set the amount of Long Tasks the Benefactor will receive
      • Amount of Short Tasks for Benefactor
        • Set the amount of Short Tasks the Benefactor will receive

Idea: spong & Coding: ryukopen in new window