As the Spy, when someone uses their kill button on you (any ability that is used through the kill button), you'll see their name in orange for a few seconds.
Note: If a Crewmate used their ability on you, you'll also see them with an orange name!
Note: If you have no ability uses left, you won't see orange names at all!
Note: If the kill button interaction is blocked the player's cooldown will reset to 10s

  • Max
    • Set the Maximum amount of Spies that can be in a match
  • Initial Ability Use Limit
    • Set how many ability uses the Spy has initially
  • Colored Name Duration
    • Set how long a Spy's target has a colored name for
    • Set the amount of Ability uses a Spy gains with each Task completed (0.1 increments)
  • Block kill button interaction
    • : the interaction with the killer and Spy is stopped.
    • : the interaction with the killer and Spy is not stopped.

From: TOHE+