The Grenadier can vent to Flashbang and hinder Non-Crew Vision (unless Mad Grenadier) and will see a shield animation on their body as a reminder.

  • Max
    • Set the Maximum amount of Grenadiers that can be in a match
  • Grenade Cooldown
    • Set how long a Grenadier has to wait to Flash players
  • Grenade Duration
    • Set how long the Flash lasts for Players
  • Lowered vision
    • Set how low the Vision goes if affected by a Grenadier Flash
  • Can affect Neutrals
    • : will be affected by the Grenadier Flash
    • : only will be affected
  • (Initial) Max number of Grenades
    • Set the amount of Grenades a Grenadier has at the start of the game
    • Set the amount of Grenades a Grenadier gains with each Task completed (0.1 increments)

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