As the Agitator, your premise is essentially Hot Potato.

Use your kill button on a player to pass the bomb.
This can only be done once per round.

The player who receives the bomb will be notified when receiving said bomb, in which they need to pass it to another player by getting near a player.

When a meeting is called, the player with the bomb dies.

If trying to pass to Pestilence or a Veteran on alert, the bombed player dies instead.
Optionally, the Agitator cannot receive the bomb.

  • Max
    • Set the Maximum amount of Agitators that can be in a match
  • Agitator Bomb Cooldown
    • Set how long an Agitator needs to wait to pass the bomb
  • Bomb Pass Cooldown
    • Set how long a player needs to wait to pass the bomb
  • Bomb Explode Cooldown
    • Set how long it takes for the bomb to explode
  • Agitator can get bomb
    • : the Agitator can have the bomb passed to them
    • : the Agitator cannot have the bomb passed to them

From: TOH:TOR & Coding: ryuk