As the Necromancer, you win when you're the last one standing.
Additionally, when someone tries to kill you, the kill will be blocked and you will be teleported to a random vent. You will have a limited time to kill your killer. If you succeed to do so, you live. If the time runs out before you kill your killer, you die permanently. If you try to kill someone else other than your killer, you will die.

  • Kill Cooldown
    • Set how long a Necromancer has to wait to Kill
  • Necromancy time
    • Set how long the Necromancer has to kill the player that attempted to kill them, or else they suicide
  • Can Vent
    • : the Necromancer can Vent
    • : the Necromancer cannot Vent
  • Has Vision
    • : the Necromancer can see as far as an can
    • : the Necromancer will have Vision

From: TOHE+