The task of the virus is to kill or infect all other players. When the virus murders a crewmate, their corpse is infected with a virus. The who reports this corpse is infected and joins the virus team or dies at the end of the meeting if the virus won't get voted out, dependent on the settings. If there are more players on the Virus team than on the team, the Virus team wins.

  • Kill Cooldown
    • Set how long a Virus needs to wait to Contaminate/Kill a player
  • Can Vent
    • : the Virus has the ability to Vent
    • : the Virus cannot Vent
  • Has Vision
    • : the Virus has the same vision as an Impostor
    • ': the Virus has default vision
  • Maximum Number Of Contaminations
    • Set how many times the Virus can Contaminate people
  • Know Contaminated Player’s Role
    • : the Virus can see the role of player’s that they’ve Contaminated
    • : the Virus cannot see the Contaminated player’s roles
  • Contaminated players know each other
    • : Contaminated players can see each other
    • : Contaminated players don’t know who else is a Contaminated player
  • Contaminated player dies after meeting
    • : the Contaminated player will die after the meeting
    • : the Contaminated player lives on
  • Infected players count as
    • Set what an Infected (by Virus) player counts as one of the following:
      • Nothing
      • Original Team
      • Virus Team

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