Only the Demon team and the team are left, and the number of Demon is greater than the number of members, then the Demon win. The Demon's killing rules are different from others. Everyone in the Demon's perspective has health volume. Demon kill and are killed instead consume health. Killing will take effect when the health is exhausted. Note: If other people consume the Demon's health but fail to kill the player, the murderer will see the shield-animation on the Demon as a reminder.

  • Attack Cooldown
    • Set how long a Demon needs to wait in between their Attacks
  • Can Vent
    • : the Demon has the ability to Vent
    • : the Demon cannot vent
  • Has Vision
    • : the Demon has the same vision as an Impostor
    • : the Demon has default vision
  • Player max health
    • Set how much health a player appears to have to the Demon
  • Damage
    • Set how much Damage the Demon does to other players
  • Demon Max Health
    • Set how much health a demon appears to have to themself
  • Demon damage received
    • Set how much health a Demon loses when someone tries to kill them

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