Only the Pelican team and the team are left, and the number of Pelican is greater than the number of members, then the Pelican win. The Pelican can use the kill button to swallow a player alive (the player who is swallowed alive will be teleported out of the map and cannot interact with the game). After the swallow is successful, the Pelican will see an shield-animation shows on his body as a reminder. An emergency meeting or reporting a dead body will result in the instant death of all players swallowed by the Pelican. If the Pelican dies or disconnects, all players swallowed immediately return to where the Pelican died.

Note: Pelican swallowing people is not a normal way to kill, so role skills such as Bodyguard and Veteran will not take effect.

  • Eat Cooldown
    • Set how long the Pelican has to wait to be able to Eat a player
  • Can Vent
    • : the Pelican has the ability to Vent
    • : the Pelican cannot vent

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