Plague everyone using your kill button to turn into Pestilence. Once you turn into Pestilence you will become immortal and gain the ability to kill.
In addition to this, after turning into Pestilence you will kill anyone who tries to kill you.

You win by killing everyone.

  • Plague Cooldown
    • Set how long the Plaguebearer has to wait to plague a player
  • Pestilence Kill Cooldown
    • Set how long a Pestilence has to wait to Kill
  • Pestilence Can Vent
    • : Pestilence can vent
    • : Pestilence cannot vent
  • Pestilence has Vision
    • : the Pestilence can see as far as an can
    • : the Pestilence will have Vision

From: ToUR & Coding: ryuk