As the Shroud, you do not kill normally.
Instead, use your kill button to shroud a player.
Shrouded players kill others.
If the shrouded player doesn't make a kill, they'll kill themself after a meeting.

Shroud sees shrouded players with a 「◈」 mark next to their name.
Shrouded players who did not make a kill will also have the 「◈」 mark in meetings, where they'll die if the Shroud is alive by the end of the meeting.

  • Shroud Cooldown
    • Set how long a Shroud needs to wait to use their Ability
  • Can Vent
    • : the Shroud can Vent
    • : the Shroud cannot Vent
  • Has Vision
    • : the Shroud can see as far as an can
    • : the Shroud will have Vision

From: Town of Salem 2